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  • National Day Of Action In Solidarity With Verizon Strike As Company Demands To Send More Jobs Overseas - 05-06-16
    Print Icon May 05, 2016

    By Doug Cunningham

    Thursday was a national day of action in solidarity with the Verizon strike now entering it's fourth week.

    39,000 CWA and IBEW workers are striking to get a fair new labor contract while the highly profitable company - $39 billion profit over the las three years - demands concessions and the right to ship more American jobs overseas.

    The IBEW's Myles Calvey says this really is a struggle for the future of the American middle class.

    [Myles Calvey]: "When we say we're fighting for the middle class, sometimes it gets exaggerated. But this is the epitome of what's goin' on in this country right now. I mean it's not a company that's destitute at all and they still want major concessions. And instead of hiring off the street and replacing job for job as they leave or they can use the work they want the ability to bring one person off the street and two jobs to go out of the country."

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