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  • AFL-CIO's Liz Shuler On The Working Women Survey And The Issues Women Are Confronting - 05-06-16
    Print Icon May 05, 2016

    By Doug Cunningham

    AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler says working women and their issues are critical in this election year.

    The AFL-CIO is releasing results of its National Survey of Working Women highlighting those issues and providing direction for for both the labor movement and the nation's politicians on what working women need.

    [Liz Shuler]: "The survey is key piece to our working women's agenda at the AFL-CIO. We know that women are half the workforce, will be half the labor movement in ten years. And the issues that affect working women are front and center in this election. So we're touring three states this week to talk about the survey and really elevate the importance of these issues."

    Shuler says the labor movement is using the direct feedback from thousands of working women to advocate improvements across a range of vital issues important to women and working families.

    [Liz Shuler]: "The labor movement is on the front lines of policy changes. We're advocating in Congress for legislation on equal pay and quality child care and paid family leave, paid sick leave. And making sure people can take time off and not have to worry about taking care of their families or making the choice to lose their job in the process."

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