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  • Teachers Say NY Archdiocese Isn't Keeping Its Word On School Closings - 02-09-17
    Print Icon Feb 08, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    [Julia Pignataro]: "The Archdiocese has not lived up to its word. They made a promise. They made a plan. And now a few years have gone by and they're changing what they said to us."

    Federation of Catholic Teachers President Julia Pignataro.

    She's talking about the decision this week by the Archdiocese of New York to close six Catholic schools in New York City.

    Pignataro says in 2010, the Archdiocese charted a course known as “Pathways to Excellence”. It included some school closings - 55 since 2011 - which led her and the union to believe that it would lead to a stronger Catholic school system in New York City.

    [Julia Pignataro]: "That by closing all of those schools that the system would become stronger. And there have been repeated comments about taking money from rental properties and buildings sold and plowing it back into the system to make it stronger.

    So I was a believer in this that this is what they were doing. And then without any warning on Monday we have a twist where we have an announcement of another six schools closing.

    I certainly hope that we can keep these open or do something and I hope that there would not be any more."

    Pignataro is meeting with an associate superintendent of New York Catholic schools Monday to discuss the plan to close the six schools and possibly to begin negotiating transition packages for the teachers affected if the closings can't be stopped.

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