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  • Laborer's Union Recovers Stolen Wages For Non-Union Workers - 12-23-16
    Print Icon Dec 22, 2016

    By Doug Cunningham

    Thanks to Laborer's Local 165 seven non-union workers in Peoria Illinois will get thousands of dollars in wages owed them from work they did for NMR Renovations.

    Local 165's Matt Bartolo.

    [Matt Bartolo]: "Our morals and principles wouldn't allow us to turn our back on these workers, whether they were our members or not. We're in the business of representin' workers. And no worker needs to receive that kind of treatment."

    The workers were mis-classified as contractors and in effect had their wages stolen. Clint Drury is Executive Director of the West-Central Illinois Building and Construction Trades Council.

    [Clint Drury]: "We'll defend all workers from the unfortunate injustices they face every day.

    And this is goin ' on throughout the country. It's not just Peoria, Illinois. And residents of Peoria and nationwide are fed up and it has to end.

    Thankfully justice in this has been served to these workers and it' s just in time for Christmas."

    Midwest Region Foundation For Fair Contracting's Dane Simpson.

    [Dane Simpson]: "Some of these workers were making less than $3 an hour. They were not getting paid their overtime. They were not getting paid for their weekend work and to be honest they weren't getting paid the hours that they were reporting to their supervisor Nathan Moore."

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