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    Posted On: Apr 18, 2017

    A Tax Reform That Works For Working People - 04-19-17
    By Doug Cunningham Now that we've settled up our taxes with Uncle Sam, what would tax reform that actually works for working people look like? Kelly Ross is Deputy Policy Director at the AFL-CIO. [Kelly Ross]: "We need to have more revenue and it needs to come from big corporations and the wealthy. Clearly we have a problem with the current system which is that it's broken.
    Are Proposed EPA Cuts Doing The Bidding Of Special Interest Polluters? - 04-19-17
    By Doug Cunningham AFGE Council 238- a union representing EPA workers - says if EPA’s budget is really cut by the 31 percent Trump wants environmental protection will be crippled. The Trump administration wants to cut EPA funding to the states while closing two of ten U.S. EPA regional offices.
    Whoa! Check Out The $6.2B Wal-Mart Tax We're All Paying - 04-19-17
    By Doug Cunningham Did you notice the Wal-Mart tax as you paid your taxes this year? In case you missed it the Wal-Mart tax costs working taxpayers $6.2 billion a year. With a B. Every year. According to a 2014 report by Americans for Tax Fairness, Walmart gets an estimated $6.2 billion in subsidies every year, most from the Federal Government.
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