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    Posted On: Apr 13, 2017

    Writers Guild of America Voting On Strike Authorization - 04-14-17
    By Doug Cunningham Writers Guild of America (WGA) workers are taking a strike authorization vote April 19th through the 24th. Writers Guild boards on both coasts are also urging members of the union to vote yes on strike authorization against the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers. Zoanne Clack is on the Writers Guild of America West Board.
    GOP's First 100 Days - What Have They Done For (And To) Workers? - 04-14-17
    By Doug Cunningham What has the Republican Congress and White House done for, or to, workers in their first 100 days? House Speaker Paul Ryan proclaimed they would help the unemployed, the sick and educate the young.
    Clock Ticking On Miners Protection Act - 04/14/17
    By Doug Cunningham With time running out United Mine Workers of America President Cecil Roberts is still fighting for Congress to pass the Miners Protection Act by the end of April. It keeps a promise to save pensions and health care for retired miners and dependents.
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