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  • CWA: AT&T's 'Race To The Bottom' Costs Jobs, Hurts AT&T Customers - 05-12-17
    Print Icon May 11, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    The Communications Workers of America says AT&T's 'race to the bottom' has cost America 12,000 jobs. A new report from the union reveals a sprawling web of 38 call centers in eight countries that the CWA says is "driving a race to the bottom for low wages and compromising quality service for millions of AT&T customers. "

    CWA says workers at AT&T call centers in Mexico, Colombia, and the Philippines "sold the names and full or partial Social Security numbers of hundreds of thousands of U.S. customers, prompting a record fine by the FCC."

    During a CWA strike at Verizon last year union reps were confronted by armed security in the Philippines as they sought a meeting with Verizon management. CWA was in the Dominican Republic this week to investigate what's happening to AT&T jobs shipped there and the anti-union backlash CWA says Dominican AT&T workers are facing.

    CWA's study on AT&T's offshoring of jobs also examines the impact on U.S. communities when call center jobs are lost.

    Rather than keep the jobs in America, CWA says AT&T instead is turning to low wage countries with weak labor protections. And that's a risk to customers as well.

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