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  • May 13th - Your Chance To Help Union Letter Carriers 'Stamp Out Hunger' - 05-09-17
    Print Icon May 08, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    Mark your calendar. This Saturday May 13th is the National Association of Letter Carriers' (NALC) Stamp Out Hunger national food drive. Watch for a notice and a bag in your mail to fill with donated non-perishable food and put by your mailbox.

    This is the 25th year union postal workers have mounted this huge nationwide food donation effort.Union workers in a couple of cities got it started and it grew into the massive annual food drive that's happening Saturday May 13th.

    NALC's Pam Donato.

    [Pam Donato]: "The simple concept is to put your bag of donations out near your mailbox as early in the morning as you can just to make sure that that donation is there before your letter carrier comes with the day's mail."

    Donato says many organizations partner now with the National Association of Letter Carriers to make this huge food collection possible. And the food goes to local food pantries at a time of the year when they otherwise have trouble filling their shelves.

    [Pam Donato]: "We've got over 1500 of our local branches that are involved in this food drive. They register, they order materials, they promote it in their communities and deliver bags and postcards to the houses in their neighborhoods.

    The scope is well over 10,000 cities. Every state - all fifty states - Guam, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands. It's really amazing."

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