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  • Labor For Our Revolution: Four National Unions Support May Day Actions - 04-17-17
    Print Icon Apr 16, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    Four national unions that are part of a new Labor For Our Revolution network are supporting the May 1st worker protests dubbed "A Day Without Immigrants". The Communications Workers of America, Amalgamated Transit Union, National Nurses United and United Electrical Workers are calling for broad labor support for the May Day actions. There will be strikes, protests and marches in cities across America. Our Revolution says The American Postal Workers Union and the International Longshore and Warehouse union are also helping to spearhead Labor For Our Revolution. Our Revolution is the effort by Bernie Sanders supporters to create an ongoing political revolution for economic and social justice. Former CWA President Larry Cohen leads Our Revolution. He says it has to focus on jobs and organize everywhere.

    [Larry Cohen]: "It does start with jobs as the number one issue and it cuts across the lines of environmental and racial justice. I think you have to organize everywhere, not just where we're immediately popular."

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