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  • Writers Guild of America Voting On Strike Authorization - 04-14-17
    Print Icon Apr 13, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    Writers Guild of America (WGA) workers are taking a strike authorization vote April 19th through the 24th.

    Writers Guild boards on both coasts are also urging members of the union to vote yes on strike authorization against the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers.

    Zoanne Clack is on the Writers Guild of America West Board.

    [Zoanne Clack]: "We need to leverage the power that we have at the negotiating able so that we are able to get a fair deal when we go back."

    The Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers earned a record profit of $51 billion in the past year alone. But the union says the "economic position of writers has declined sharply".

    The union is asking for 3 percent increases in minimums for writers, increases in health and pension plan payments from employers, an increase in diversity and other gains.

    The employer said no to nearly all of it.

    Writers' Guild West member Glen Mazzara.

    [Glen Mazarra]: "We're just tryin' to get a little bigger piece of a very very big pie."

    Writers Guild West member Carelton Eastlake says a strike authorization vote is necessary to consolidate the union's power to make gains in thee labor talks.

    [Carleton Eastlake]: "The fundamental strength of any organization is its unity of purpose, and it's backing in this case its negotiators. So that they can rapidly and cleanly and clearly achieve the organization's goal."

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