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  • Progressive Democrats Of America Urge Medicare For All - 04-13-17
    Print Icon Apr 12, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    [Donna Smith]: "Nobody can let their guard down now and think that this means Republicans aren't gonna go back at it at some point."

    Progressive Democrats of America Executive Director Donna Smith cautioning healthcare activists not to rest on the laurels of defeating Trump-care.

    Just because attention is centered for now on war in Syria and the ongoing investigation into Trump campaign collusion with the Russians doesn't mean the GOP won't take a second bite at the healthcare apple.

    So Smith is encouraging the same folks who made town halls such living hells for politicians trying to kick millions of people off healthcare to seize the time to push Medicare for all.

    And that includes Democrats in Congress.

    [Donna Smith]: "Now is the time for all of us to really say Medicare for all is the only way to solve this problem.

    And now we have to pull along our Democratic friends. So work with, you know, talk to those same congressional folks that you went to their town halls. Thank you for helping with this. Now we need you to get on HR676."

    HR 676 is the U.S. House Medicare for all bill from Rep. John Conyers.

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