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  • AFL-CIO: Labor/Progressive Unity Is Vital As Political Attacks Continue - 04-12-17
    Print Icon Apr 11, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka says as political attacks on labor continue solidarity and unity is vital. That includes outreach from labor to progressive groups nationwide.

    [Rich Trumka]: "And you'll see us defending their issues as much as we would ask them to defend our issues. Because when we truly get to the point where it's not my issues and your issues but our issues, then we all win.

    And that's where we're tryin' to get to, We're not there yet, but that's where we're tryin' to get to."

    Trumka says without real unity and solidarity the political attacks will pick off small pieces of labor and the progressive movement one by one.

    [Rich Trumka]: "Because for too long, quite frankly we've allowed ourselves to be beat in echelon. They have a small group over here, they focus on the small group and they beat 'em while the rest of us sit on the sideline and say gee ain't it great that they're not after me? Sorry about them, but God, they ain't after me.

    Well, you get your turn in the barrel."

    Trumka says labor is the most targeted by conservative right wing political forces.

    [Rich Trumka] : "We have probably the biggest target on us - the American labor movement. Because we are one of the last groups with enough mass - we're the last defense on the playing field with enough wherewithal to be a formidable defense.

    And so they come after us. They come after us in the states, they come after us at local government, they come at us with the federal government."

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