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  • Global Trade Watch: Trump Not Keeping Promise To Workers On China Trade - 04-07-17
    Print Icon Apr 06, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    Global Trade Watch's Melinda St. Louis says Trump isn't keeping his promises to protect workers on trade with China. One reason is that Trump's Goldman Sachs cabinet members support the China trade status quo.

    St. Louis says it allows corporate domination in China trade that hurts workers and the environment.

    [Melinda St. Louis]: "Our critique of trade policy is not an us versus them - America versus China. It's about how does trade policy benefit workers and benefit the environment? As opposed to what we've seen in trade policy in the past where it's rules that have been written by and for large corporations at the expense of the rest of us."

    St. Louis says Goldman Sachs supports the U.S. China Bilateral Investment Treaty. It would let China overturn our laws in a private tribunal.

    [Melinda St. Louis]: "To be able to sue outside of our courts in private tribunals of three corporate lawyers against any law - environmental law, public health and safety law - that could undermine their profit making."

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