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  • April 4th Worker Protests Just A Kick Off For Wave Of Actions Through May Day - 04-06-17
    Print Icon Apr 05, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    The April 4th Fight For $15/Black Lives Movement protests by thousands of low paid workers in 30 cities is the kickoff for a wave of worker protests. Leading up to big worker strike actions on May 1st there will be a wave of protests.

    Workers, clergy and other supporters marking the 40th anniversary of Dr. King's assassination on Tuesday demanded $15 and a union, tying that protest to civil rights.

    In Detroit Pastor W.J. Rideout helped make these worker voices for economic and social justice heard as he reminded them that Dr. King was killed standing in solidarity with striking Memphis sanitation workers.

    [Pastor W.J. Rideout III]: "All of these corporations that are not paying people fifteen dollars an hour and not allowin' them to unionize - we came to let 'em know that we're fed up and we're not gonna take it no more!"

    SEIU President Mary Kay Henry said "underpaid workers across the country carry forward Dr. King's legacy of fighting for an America where all work is valued and all people are respected."

    She vowed to continue organizing and said it won't stop until "our wages match the value of our work and all families and communities can thrive."

    SEIU says The Fight for $15 "has spurred wage hikes for 22 million underpaid workers, including more than 10 million who are on their way to $15/hour, by convincing everyone from voters to politicians to corporations to raise pay."

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