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  • Striking Rockford Illinois School Employees Returning To Work - For Now - 03-20-17
    Print Icon Mar 19, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    Nine hundred striking Rockford Illinois Public Schools workers are coming back to work Monday after a three day strike.

    AFSCME Council 31’s Ed Sadlowski says the strike was legal and the workers had strong support from the Rockford Education Association.

    [Ed Sadlowski]: “We took a look at it and made a collective decision and said hey look, we're gonna go out on our terms and we're gonna go back in on our terms for now. And hopefully that would be enough to prompt some movement , some good faith movement, by the employer, But that's yet tot be seen.

    So on Monday folks are gonna return to their jobs in a legal fashion - a legal fashion - and are gonna have a stronger union as a result of it. We'll deal with what comes next after Monday."

    The workers went out on the limited strike to protest unfair labor practices by the Rockford Public Schools. The workers’ wages are low and they say the school district was not bargaining in good faith to reach a new labor contract.

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