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    By Doug Cunningham

    AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka says the Trump budget shortchanges working people by trying to balance the budget on their backs.

    Trumka says working people in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin didn't vote "or a budget that slashes workforce training and fails to invest in our nation’s infrastructure. "

    The AFL-CIO says the $54 billion Trump's budget cuts to programs that benefit working families is dangerous and destructive.

    The AFL-CIO Trump budget analysis says "The budget abandons the future—slashing investments in workers, communities, young people, protecting our environment and building democracy. There are major cuts in job training, education, health programs, the environment, the arts and foreign aid."


    XPO Logistics is settling an unfair labor practices charge with the Teamsters over Georgia police illegally preventing Teamster organizers from leafleting XPO truckers about union rights.

    Here's an excerpt from police audio where Teamsters organizer Ben Speight is confronted by a Port Wentworth Georgia cop called by the anti-union XPO Logistics company.

    The cops were going to issue warning citations for the legally protected union leafleting, when the Teamster organizer asked them another question - he wanted the officer's badge number.

    [Police Audio]: [Cop]: "No, just, just, just go! Just go!"

    [Teamster Ben Speight]: "I got a right to ask a question."

    [Cop]: "We don't have a right to answer it, OK? Just get in your vehicle and leave."

    [Ben Speight]: "Give me a badge number?"

    [Cop]: "You know what? That's fine. Let me see your ID again. We'll settle this in court."

    The union will continue to leaflet workers. The Teamsters say this settlement is a victory for the right of XPO truckers to organize.


    900 workers in three different AFSCME locals hit the picket lines Wednesday for a three-day unfair labor practices strike against Rockford Public Schools. The striking workers say that the public schools in Rockford Illinois are not bargaimning in good faith.

    Low wages are a bigt issue at the bargaining table.

    [Ed Sadlowski]: "Nutrition workers approximately $11,000 per year workin' every school day on average. Paraprofessionals $14,000 annually. The bus drivers about $16,000 annually. That's for a full school year. These are really starvation wages people are being paid."


    The National Black Worker Center Project is launching a #Working While Black campaign advocating a "New Deal for Black America".

    Executive Director Tanya Wallace-Goburn says the #Working While Black campaign will expose the impacts of racial and economic injustice in the workplace through workers telling their stories.

    [Tanya Wallace-Goburn] :"And our goal is to launch a strategic communications and organizing campaign that's designed to mobilize and communicate the experiences and challenges, aspirations and achievements of Black workers."

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