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  • XPO Logistics Settles Teamster Labor Complaint - Listen To What Georgia Cops Did - 03-16-17
    Print Icon Mar 15, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    XPO Logistics is settling an unfair labor practices charge with the Teamsters over Georgia police illegally preventing Teamster organizers from leafleting XPO truckers about union rights.

    The Teamsters were on public, not private property, at the time.

    Here's an excerpt from police audio where Teamsters organizer Ben Speight is confronted by a Port Wentworth Georgia cop called by the anti-union XPO Logistics company.

    [Police Audio]:

    [Ben Speight] : And we're handin' it to 'em just for a moment and then they're takin' off..

    [Port Wentworth Cop]: "OK. But we still got a SMALL little technicality there." 

    [Ben Speight]: "OK."

    [Cop]: "This is the city of Port Wentworth, OK. This is a city street."

    [Ben Speight]: "Right."

    [Cop]: "OK, and now if we have to break out a city ordinance where we can show it to you that you can't do that if it's impedin' the flow of traffic. You MIGHT want to reconsider doin' somethin' else....

    [Ben Speight]: "Even if we're on the public right of way right here?"

    [Cop]: "OK, you want to keep goin' on now!"

    [Ben Speight]: "I just want to figure out where can we leaflet these drivers? Because we're in a public right of way here."

    By that time there at least three Port Wentworth Georgia police cars on the scene.

    The cops were going to issue warning citations for the legally protected union leafleting, when the Teamster organizer asked another question - he wanted the officer's badge number.

    [Police Audio]: [Cop]: "No, just, just, just go! Just go!"

    [Teamster Ben Speight]: "I got a right to ask a question."

    [Cop]: "We don't have a right to answer it, OK? Just get in your vehicle and leave."

    [Ben Speight]: "Give me a badge number?"

    [Cop]: "You know what? That's fine. Let me see your ID again. We'll settle this in court."

    The union will continue to leaflet workers. The Teamsters say this settlement is a victory for the right of XPO truckers to organize.

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