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  • Make The Road NY: States Can Move To Protect Immigrants From Federal Crackdown - 03-14-17
    Print Icon Mar 13, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    Make The Road New York is advocating an Immigrant Opportunity Agenda to pass state laws protecting immigrants from Trump's federal crackdown. Natalia Aristizabal is lead organizer at Make The Road New York.

    [Natalia Aristizabal]: "What we're doin' is going to Albany to tell Governor Cuomo and the state legislature that they have the will and power to push forward bills and legislation that will protect immigrant New Yorkers."

    The Immigrant Opportunity Agenda could be a model for other states around the country to counteract the harshly punitive federal crackdown.

    Make The Road New York wants to see otherwise law-abiding undocumented working families allowed to stay with their families here and not have to fear deportation.

     Make The Road New York is working with labor to find common ground on an immigrant worker agenda.

    [Natalia Aristizabal]: "We definitely have been working together. I think it's in the interests of all the labor community for our workers to be respected.

    But also eventually when immigration reform is passed for them to be covered. Because we definitely want better worker rights and wages for all workers, right? And we definitely don't want one worker to be put against another."

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