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  • National Nurses United Seeks Safe Staffing Law To Save Patient Lives In Ohio - 03-13-17
    Print Icon Mar 12, 2017

    By Doug Cunningham

    When you go into the hospital if there aren't enough nurses to safely care for all the patients, you have a greater chance of dying. And yet California is the only state in the U.S. with a safe nurse-patient ratio law, thanks to a long effort by the National Nurses United nurse's union.

    A 2016 European study of 243 hospitals across Europe found the more professional nurses on the job the lower patient death rates were.

    DeeAnn McEwen is an RN and a Health and Safety Specialist with National Nurses United.

    [DeeAnn McEwen]: "This looked at the existing model of care and then just the proportion of RN's to a given group of patients. And cutting the number of RN's - the risk of death can go up very high."

    McEwen says nurses in Ohio got a bill introduced there in February to pass a nurse safe staffing ratio law.

    [DeeAnn McEwen]: "We just recently introduced legislation in Ohio - February 14th - Have A Heart For Nurses. And nurses are the heart of patient care.

    Senator Michael Skindell there introduced the Ohio Patient Protection Act.

    So the nurses in Ohio and the public good government groups have certainly read the data and they want the same protection we've won here in California."

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