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    By Doug Cunningham

    More than 11 million jobs would be created over ten years if Congress approved a $1 trillion U.S. infrastructure rebuild. That’s according to a study from Georgetown University’s Center On Education and The Workforce.

    The report says it would at least temporarily revive America’s blue collar economy because more than half of the new jobs would go to high school educated and college dropout workers.

    According to the report, if the Senate Democratic infrastructure plan were adopted it would create even more jobs - 15 million over ten years.

    Historically more jobs have been created under Democratic Presidents than under Republicans.


    [UAW President Dennis Williams]: “Good afternoon Mississippi! Are you fired up? Are you ready to go?”

    UAW President Dennis Williams.

    Canton Mississippi Nissan workers supported by the United Auto Workers, the NAACP, Senator Bernie Sanders and activist actor Danny Glover held a spirited March On Mississippi over the weekend. Their message was worker rights are human rights. Nissan workers want a union and they want to be able to vote for a union free of fear and intimidation from Nissan.

    [Dennis Williams]: “Brothers and sisters, friends all, it is your moment, your time in history! You will determine not only the fate of this facility here, but you will send a signal to workers everywhere - it’s time to rise up! It’s time to join together! It’s time to change things.”


    Saru Jayraman is with ROC, the Restaurant Opportunities Center. Jayraman says resistance to Trump and violence against women are part of why women are rising in protest. But worker issues also motivated the protests.

    [Saru Jayraman]: “A fifteen dollar minimum wage for everybody, including tipped restaurant workers who are in large majority women and who suffer from the highest levels of sexual harassment of any workers in the U.S. because they have to rely on tips to support their families.

    We are rising for paid sick days and paid family leave for every worker in America. We are rising for protections against sexual harassment and discrimination based on race, and gender and religion."


    The National Black Worker Center Project is launching a #Working While Black campaign advocating a "New Deal for Black America".

    Executive Director Tanya Wallace-Goburn says to Trump and members of Congress that they should bring an end to the economic abuses of Black workers with a vision that goes beyond the desire for political power.

    [Tanya Wallace-Goburn]: "Rather than focusing on filling the pockets of and wallets of billionaires, we need to focus on building projects that don't extract wealth from our communities and build wealth within our communities.

    And that's something that all of us - no matter what your race or ethnicity is - can align with."

    The #Working While Black campaign will expose the impacts of racial and economic injustice in the workplace through workers telling their stories.

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