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    By Doug Cunningham

    [Sanjay Garla]: "This is part of a wave of organizing that includes janitors, food service workers, shuttle drivers. But this is the single biggest victory that we've had in Silicon Valley and honestly in private sector organizing in California."

    SEIU Service Workers West Vice-President Sanjay Garla.

    Three thousand security officers just joined SEIU United Service Workers West in an effort to improve their wages and working conditions.


    House Democrats joined with the AFL-CIO to urge the U.S. Senate to reject Labor Secretary nominee Andy Puzder.

    Puzder ran fast food company CKE operating the Hardee's and Carl's Jr. franchises. Puzder opposes increasing the minimum wage and overtime protections. His company has been repeatedly cited for labor law violations.

    AFL-CIO Vice-President Tefere Gebre.

    [Tefere Gebre]: "The AFL-CIO strongly urges the Senate to defeat this reckless nominee. We are willing to fight. We're willing to take it on the street. We are willing to do anything to provide the backbone to the Senate to do the right thing and reject this nomination."


    30,000 AFSCME members are voting to authorize a strike in Illinois.

    AFSCME also says it's headed back to court to oppose an action by the Illinois Attorney General. That motion from Democratic AG Lisa Madigan would dissolve a preliminary injunction won by AFSCME that makes sure state workers keep getting paid despite the state budget standoff.

    Governor Bruce Rauner is refusing to let a budget pass unless his attacks on labor union rights are part of the budget package. AFSCME has repeatedly urged Gov. Rauner to end "his insistence that enactment of a state budget must be tied to his personal political agenda of weakening workers' rights."


    The National Labor Relations Board says two charter schools in New Orleans are not exempt from federal labor law. The NLRB says International High School of New Orleans and Lusher Charter School must begin bargaining with teachers and staff who voted to form unions.

    United Teachers of New Orleans President Jim Randels.

    [Jim Randels]: "I think it's a real victory for public education in New Orleans, because it means that teachers and educators in the buildings can now really work with administrators and the school boards at the approximately seventy schools that are chartered with about some forty different school boards in New Orleans on makin' their schools the best possible."


    Three trucking companies are being sued by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry for wage theft. The related companies allegedly committed the wage theft by failing to pay 95 workers a total of $524,000. 

    Lakeville Motor Express abruptly shut it's doors after a shift in November. Greg Davitt of Teamsters Local 120 - one of the workers who lost wages - told Workday Minnesota that the trucking companies being sued shut down fast with no advance notice. 

    [Greg Davitt]: "Ten hours in that day and I get a call from my union steward that they closed the doors. No warning."

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