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    House Republicans Vote To Take Health Insurance Away From 24 Million People - 05-05-17
    By Doug Cunningham 217 House Republicans Thursday voted to take health insurance away from 24 million people. That's how many people the Congressional Budget Office says will lose health insurance if Obamacare is repealed. Not a single House Democrat voted for this. The bill cuts taxes for the rich.
    EPI: GOP Health Care Bill Would Makes Us Poorer, Less Healthy - And Cost Jobs - 05-05-17
    By Doug Cunningham The Economic Policy Institute says if the House GOP health insurance bill becomes law the vast majority of Americans will be poorer, less healthy and more financially insecure. EPI says the bill cuts $900 billion from Medicaid, which would result in 14 million people losing health insurance.
    10,000 Nurses To Rally In DC Demanding Safe Nurse Patient Staffing Ratios - 05-05-17
    By Doug Cunningham Ten thousand nurses are expected Friday for a Capitol Hill rally demanding safe nurse to patient staffing ratio legislation. The OPEIU Nurses Council says nurses are pressured by corporate CEO's to do more with less, endangering patient safety. and that's why safe nurse staffing legislation is needed.
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