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    Posted On: Mar 08, 2017

    AFL-CIO President Trumka Raised Worker Issues In Meeting With Trump - 03-09-17
    By Doug Cunningham AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka issued a brief statement about meeting with Trump. Trumka said he met with Trump to talk "about a working families’ agenda that helps workers who are facing stagnant and declining wages, jobs going overseas, and a loss of rights on the job." Trumka says among the issues discussed were trade and infrastructure.
    Ongoing Wells Fargo Campaign Targets Shady Practices, Forced Arbitration - 03-09-17
    By Doug Cunningham National Consumers League Executive Director Sally Greenberg says her group is part of an ongoing coalition campaign urging people to pull money out of Wells Fargo Bank. Greenberg says her organization pulled its money for Wells Fargo for several reasons.
    New Poll: Strong Majorities Approve Infrastructure Spending, Oppose Military Budget Hike - 03-09-17
    By Doug Cunningham A new CNN/ORC poll shows strong public support for government investment in infrastructure to create jobs and for cutting taxes on the middle class. Fifty-eight percent said they oppose increasing military spending or spending money to build a wall on the U.S. Mexican border.
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