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    Posted On: Mar 07, 2017

    Study Says $1 Trillion Infrastructure Spending Would Create 11 Million Jobs - 03-08-17
    By Doug Cunningham More than 11 million jobs would be created over ten years if Congress approved a $1 trillion U.S. infrastructure rebuild. That’s according to a study from Georgetown University’s Center On Education and The Workforce.
    GOP Priority : Create Millions of Jobs Or Cut Healthcare For Millions Of People? - 03-08-17
    By Doug Cunningham If you were sitting in Congress would you act first to pass a $1 trillion infrastructure plan that could create millions of jobs or focus instead on taking healthcare away from millions of people? Republicans are choosing to take away your healthcare instead of creating the infrastructure jobs.
    Labor Joins Democrats Opposing Republican Tax On Your Healthcare Benefits - 03-08-17
    By Doug Cunningham Labor leaders are joining Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee urging House Republicans to drop plans to tax worker healthcare benefits. The GOP wants to cap the tax exclusion for employer based health care plans. What does that mean for you? It means if you have the best employer based healthcare coverage Republicans want to punish you with an extra tax.
    Nurses Continue Push For Safe Staffing After Two Day Strike - 03-08-17
    By Doug Cunningham Nurses staged a two day strike this week at Delaware County Memorial Hospital. Safe staffing is a big issue in unresolved labor negotiations at the hospital. The 370 nurses that went on strike are represented by the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses & Allied Professionals.
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