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  • AFL-CIO 'Trading Up' Conference: Trade Deal Impacts On Working People
    Updated On: Aug 21, 2016

    By Doug Cunningham, June 29, 2016

    [Rich Trumka]: "The bottom line is if they don't work for working people we will mobilize to defeat them."

    AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka on U.S. global trade deals. He was speaking at the AFL-CIO's global trade conference at the labor federation's Washington D.C. headquarters Tuesday. Trumka and the labor movement are not against trade, they just want trade deals and trade policies that benefit working people instead of tearing down our wages and shipping our good jobs overseas.

    [Rich Trumka]: "We need a different trade model. Not crumbs off the table of big corporations who are the only winners in the failed NAFTA model. The TPP must be re-negotiated or scrapped entirely."

    Ohio Democratic U.S. Senator Sharrod Brown says U.S. trade policies hurt rather than help working people and our economy

    while further enriching the one percent.

    [Sen. Sharrod Brown]: "It gives too much power and money to multi-national corporations and to the one percent. It doesn't grow the middle class. It doesn't build an economy from the middle out as we should."   

    Senator Brown says working class voters are angry about trade deals like the TPP and NAFTA.

    [Sen. Sharrod Brown]: "Most Americans are fed up with U.S. trade policy and have been for a number of years. The anger and dissatisfaction among working class voters here and around the world didn't come out of nowhere. It's proof that the way we've been doing trade deals for the last quarter century is morally bankrupt and practically doesn't work."

    Senator Brown says Donald Trump is giving lip service to opposing these trade deals while profiting from them by having his clothing lines made by cheap foreign labor instead of American workers.

    [Sen. Sharrod Brown]: "When Trump is talking his high priced accountants are cashing checks from ties he manufactures in China  and suits he manufactures in Mexico.

    That's why we're here today. TPP is just the latest in a long line of trade deals that amount to corporate handouts and worker sell-outs. "

    Trumka says the AFL-CIO will continue to oppose trade deals that victimize working people.

    [Rich Trumka]: "We'll continue to be agile and smart and strategic and resilient. Working together I'm confident that we will beat back the TPP."

    Right behind the TPP are two other proposed global trade deals  - known asThe Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership  between the U.S. and the European union and the 50 nation  Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA).

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