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  • June 2, 2016: Walmart Workers Demand Better Treatment
    Posted On: Jun 01, 2016

    By Doug Cunningham

    Walmart workers are speaking out during the company's shareholder's meeting about working conditions at Walmart and what workers are going through to keep the Walton family's billions of dollars rolling in. Huff says he has an arthritic spine and Walmart refused to allow him to use a stool at work to avoid aggravating his arthritis. 

    [Greg Huff]: "I was tryin' to take care of my teenage son and he was havin' top, uh...Sorry. He was havin' to watch his father, uh, go through this. And, uh, you know the physical damage is pretty much healed, but the emotional damage is still there. It's, uh, like I've heard some of the other panel members talk about. People need to be treated like human beings, And they're not treatin' people like human beings at Walmart."

    Jaren Davis is a U.S. Navy veteran making $10 an hour at Walmart.

    [Jaren Davis]: "I feel as if my time and effort is unappreciated for the sacrifices I have made in serving this nation. I currently make ten an hour, having started out at $8.45. And with student loans, college tuition, medical and dental insurance, I don't make nearly enough to pay rent on my own."

    Huff became emotional as he told his story of struggling to work with his spine condition while he says Walmart ignored the need to accommodate his condition.


    Lorene Berry of Chicago says she was wrongly fired at Walmart, then reinstated. She says big changes are needed for workers at Walmart.

    [Lorene Berry]: "Due to losin' my job I had lost my place to live. I don't feel like my job is secure at any time.  I could be fired at any given time. All of us have problems with our wages. being an associate at Walmart it can become stressful when you know you're being underpaid. You gotta worry about how you're gonna live. So basically we're all here because we feel like we're being treated unfairly, and there needs to be a change made for all of us.

    They need to treat us fair. They need to come up on our wages and treat us like people. Treat us like the people that we are. The hard workers we are."

    The workers are calling on Walmart to increase pay and improve working conditions while recognizing the right of Walmart workers to form unions.


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