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  • AFT President Calls To Continue Fight For Social Justice
    Updated On: Mar 22, 2016

    By JoAnne Powers, March 21, 2016

    Last Week, at the California Federation of Teachers’ Annual Convention in San Francisco, American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten called on all U.S. workers to continue the fight for social and economic justice. Thanks to the Labor Video Project for this Audio.

    [Randi Weingarten]: “I’m really proud when I see what’s happened in California. The CFT and the locals that are involved here fight for justice: racial justice, for social justice, for economic justice, for workers’ rights, for children. You bend the arc toward justice every day. You do what is the best of our union. You have passed this fight down from generation to generation…but now, like never before this fight is a fight to the finish. This fight is a fight that we must win. And when we fight together, with our community, and when we are together, we bring people out of the shadows. We make it easier for people to achieve their dream. We tear down the barriers that hold people back. We meet each other with open hearts and extend a sense of hope instead of anger…a sense of opportunity and possibility, instead of scapegoating and bullying and demagoguery. When we work together and work with our community and work as a union movement, we actually can reclaim the promise of America. We, my friends, my sisters and brothers, I’ve never seen a time like this, a time when anger can turn into dictatorship…a time when in this country we have what we saw in Germany in the thirties. We must take that anger, move it to aspiration and move it to action. That is our job. That is our responsibility. That is who we are, and I ask you, will you do that? Will you use this year to do that? Will we fight together for a better country? Promise me, promise me. Please, we must do this!”

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