IBEW, UMWA Pittsburgh Rally Urges EPA To Slow Phase-In For Power Plant Emissions Rules

By Doug Cunningham

The IBEW and UMWA are joining forces for a “Don’t Pull The Plug On America” rally in Pittsburgh. The IBEW’s Jim Spellane says the unions want the EPA to change its rules on power plant emissions and phase in new emissions requirements more slowly.

[Jim Spellane]: “We want clean air as much as anybody. We think that the rules should be phased in more gradually so that the industry has time to adjust, and that we haves ways of getting the lost capacity into the system without disrupting entire economies, without disrupting communities and saving jobs.”

If the current EPA rules are enforced , Spellane says some power plants could close, taking power generating capacity out of the system. The IBEW, he says wants a balance that takes that as well as the impact inn jobs and the economy into account.

[Jim Spellane 2]: “Unless the EPA slows it down a little bit and changes outs rules there’s gonna be higher prices and there’s gonna be a real shock to the American economy. And we would hope that enough people see that that we can get a solution that’s gonna be good for everybody.”


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