KelloggGreed.Com Launched By Workers To Expose The Company’s Plan To Destroy Good Jobs

By Doug Cunningham

The bakery union BCTGM has launched a new website called Two-hundred twenty BCTGM workers continue to be locked out of Kellogg’s Memphis, Tennessee cereal plant as the highly profitable company demands concessions aimed at creating a largely part-time, “casual” workforce. BCTGM says Kellogg’s plan is to replace steady, middle-class full-time jobs in the U.S. with part-time workers with significantly lower wages and substandard benefits. Speaking in a video produced by the BCTGM union Walter Johnson III describes some of what Kellogg’s lockout has done to him.

[Walter Johnson III]: “I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation. The took me out in an ambulance. The day we got locked out of our job I lost my company insurance, all medical benefits that day. I couldn’t get the heart operation I needed, which meant I could have had a stroke. I mean, it was scary sittin’ there wondering am I gonna make it until I can finally have this surgery? For years I did right by my company, but they did not do right by me.”


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