Public Worker Unions Sue Illinois Over Pension Theft

By Doug Cunningham

We Are One Illinois is suing the state over pension cuts for public workers, alleging the cuts to cost of living increases and raising retirement ages is unconstitutional. We Are One Illinois includes the state AFL-CIO, AFSCME, SEIU, Illinois Federation of Teachers and the Illinois Education Association. Workers held up their end of the pensions bargain by putting in the labor and in some cases forgoing wage increases to maintain a good pension system. Politicians, though, shortchanged the workers for decades by not properly funding the pension system. So Illinois is facing a $100 billion 30 year unfunded pension liability. The state’s solution was to renege on the pension promise and cut the benefits. The state constitution prohibits “diminishing” of public worker pensions. Illinois AFL-CIO President Michael Carrigan says the state is engaging in pension theft that is not only unfair but unconstitutional.

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