4 million workers displaced by Super Typhoon Yolanda

Four million. That’s the estimated number of workers that have been impacted by Super Typhoon “Yolanda.” The International Labour Organization estimates that 1.8 million of those 4 million workers are in “vulnerable employment.” That means they don’t have social security, benefits, or a strong financial foundation. According to InterAsksyon.com many of those workers are already living below the poverty line. The ILO can gauge the impact on the Philippines due to recovery efforts still ongoing due to the 2004 Asian tsunami. For example, it’s expected it could take nearly 10 years for coconut plantations to fully recover. Recovery for the rice industry will take even longer as it is expected to have the biggest loss from the storm.  Emergency employment is a priority for the ILO, as well as establishing cash for employment programs that will allow the vulnerable employees to learn new skills. On Monday the Philippine President declared a ‘state of calamity’ in hopes to expedite relief efforts. So far aid workers have had a difficult time reaching some of the hardest hit regions of the island nation.

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