AFGE Local 704 President calls Republican federal shutdown irresponsible

By Doug Cunningham

John O’Grady, president of AFGE Local 704 in Chicago representing Environmental Protection Agency workers, says the House Republican government shutdown caused by the obsession to stop the Affordable Care Act is irresponsible and harmful to workers. O’Grady says with 48 million Americans without health insurance, it’s right and proper for government to step in to help them.

[John O’Grady]: “It has to be a federal government that takes care of that. And why these people want to treat the poor and the most sensitive in our community in this manner is beyond me.”

O’Grady says members of Congress responsible for the government shutdown are callously using workers as pawns and are not acting in the public interest.

[John O’Grady 2]: “A lack of statesmanship, we’re seein’ a lack of elected leaders doing their job. They are playing with government employees and the government budget as if it’s all a bunch of pawns. They are not thinking about why they’re in Washington, which is to work on behalf of the American people.”

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