National Taxiworkers Alliance driving comprehensive immigration reform

Immigration reform was a major topic of discussion at this year’s AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention. Jesse Russell reports.

The National Taxiworkers Alliance has been a strong proponent of comprehensive immigration reform. At this year’s AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention the organization’s Executive Director Bhairavi Desai spoke with Workers Independent News about why the issue is so important for the Alliance.

[Desai] We represent the communities that are going to be directly impacted by any legislation that gets passed. I do think up until now the legislation we have seen is not dignified. It needs to be changed, but not in the direction the House wants to take it, but more progressive direction.

She said she has hope reform will pass through Congress soon, because most people in the United States live in communities where they’re directly impacted by the issue.

[Desai]: I think even non-immigrant communities understand. Most people have neighbors who are immigrants, many people have neighbors even in suburbs, that are undocumented or coworkers or the paretns of their kids friends.

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