AFSCME President criticizes House budget priority to defund Affordable Care Act

By Doug Cunningham


U.S. House Republicans are trying to de-fund the Affordable Care Act health care reform before they pass a new debt ceiling to fund the federal government. AFSCME President Lee Saunders says U.S. House Republicans are crazy for holding the Affordable Care Act hostage in a showdown over the federal debt ceiling and budget because it could do serious harm to the economy.


[Lee Saunders]: “It’s crazy what they’re doing. I mean they’ve taken like twenty something votes to try to de-fund Obamacare. Now they’re trying to link it to the budget. I think they want to try to shut government down. That just shows the lack of respect for the work that public service workers perform in Washington, D.C and across the country. And I think the Democrats have to be very strong and they are being strong. Harry Reid, the leader of the Senate, is saying that won’t even be considered in the Senate. And that’s what he should say. I think President Obama is being very strong about this. I mean, this is a signature piece of legislation for the president and he can’t back off.”


Saunders stopped in Madison, Wisconsin Wednesday and participated in the daily solidarity singalong protests. Hundreds of arrests and citations have been used by Governor Scott Walker against protesters for failure to get permits in an unsuccessful effort to stop the daily protests. The singalongs in the state capitol began during the 2011 Wisconsin Uprising protests over collective bargaining rights.


[Lee Saunders 2]: “The national union is showing support for what the singers are doing every single day from twelve to one. The fight in Wisconsin isn’t over. The struggle is not over. We’re gonna be here and we’re gonna support this fight. We’re gonna support the struggle until we win. I think it’s important to say people have to have their voices heard. And what’s happening inside the capitol, when they’re arresting folks for just singing inside the capitol is outrageous. And its un-Amercian.”

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