LA port truck drivers call for one-day strike

By Doug Cunningham

Port truck drivers at Green Fleet Systems in Los Angeles are calling a one-day strike protesting what they say is anti-union harassment and intimidation from the company. The Teamsters are helping the drivers to organize. The Teamsters say unfair labor practice charges were filed with the NLRB, alleging the harassment by Green Fleet and its hired “union busters”. The unfair labor practice strike will include picketing and a large rally, complete with Teamsters big rigs rolling up at the port to support the strike. Nick Weiner is Ports Campaign Director with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. He says drivers who should be employees are instead treated like contractors.

[Nick Weiner]: “They’re made to pay for everything. For the fuel, for new tires, all the business expenses that the companies they work for should be payin’ is passed on to these drivers. And even the few drivers who are employees and have some rights can’t make ends meet, have no paid time off, no health insurance. And so drivers are fed up.”

Weiner says the Teamsters had an organizing victory earlier this year at ports in Los Angeles and New Jersey.





By Doug Cunningham

Labor, community leaders and Washington D.C. city council members today are calling on Washington’s mayor to sign the Large Retailer Accountability Act. The act calls for giant retailers with more than a billion dollars annual revenue and stores of 75,000 square feet or more to pay workers at least $12.50 an hour plus benefits. Supporters of the act say it’s a fair deal for a living wage. The event is part of the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the March On Washington for Jobs and Freedom.


University of Miami custodians could soon be walking the picket lines. Jesse Russell reports.


The workers voted in favor of strike action if an agreeable contract can’t be reached by August 31. The custodial workers are unhappy with a proposed 10-cent raise as many of the workers only earn $8.55 an hour. The University contracts DTZ, Inc. to provide custodial workers, so far the school has chosen to not get involved with negotiations. The custodial staff at the University went on strike in 2006 for nine weeks demanding they be allowed to organize. Most of the custodial staff is represented by the Service Employees International Union.


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