AFL-CIO Exec Council Calls For Social And Economic Justice For Communities of Color- 07/29/13

By Doug Cunningham

The AFL-CIO Executive Council has issued a call for social and economic justice for communities of color. The labor federation’s statement says that “Racism remains deeply rooted in American society.  The Supreme Court has gutted the Voting Rights Act and weakened anti-discrimination laws.  Too many Americans are out of work and facing unfair and discriminatory barriers as they try to enter the workforce.  Racial profiling occurs far too often, creating distrust in communities at a time we need to be coming together.

The Trayvon Martin case is a painful wake-up call that much work remains to be done in the march toward opportunity and justice for all.”

The AFL-CIO says as the labor movement re-dedicates itself this march for justice along with its allies, the AFL-CIO will be “deliberate in our commitment to advancing a full dialogue regarding racial disparities and violence in all our communities.” The AFL-CIO says its affiliates will work diligently to eliminate discrimination, profiling violence and will denounce Stand Your Ground laws advanced by the anti-worker, pro-voter suppression American Legislative Exchange Council.

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